Wine Cellar

Finally we have a real wine cellar!

After ten years of hard work we've managed to construct a modern, functional wine cellar, where every process is carried out with respect for the final product; where hygiene is essential; where the wine reposes at a costant temperature, summer and winter.

The cellar is built into the earth, the outside front insulated, with insulated doors; the back is in ferroconcrete, permeable to soil humidity, and the environment conserves perfectly a correct amount of hygroscopy.

A biological wine-growing estate is helped greatly by technology: for example, chimical detergents are almost never used, only boiling-hot water for rinsing vats and tubes. Also, low temperatures and good hygiene reduce the need for use of preservatives; as the use of vats in stainless steel makes cleaning easier and decreases the amounts necessary of water and fuel; ceramic tile floors, studded with epossidic resin, guarantee easy and thorough cleaning.