Our oil

"How beautiful are olive trees and how good is their oil!"

To obtain a good olive oil, there are some rules to follow:

  1. Earth rich in skeleton and calcium, that drains well. As a matter of fact, I remember that the name of the estate "Le Calcinaie" derives precisely from the richness of this mineral in their soil.
  2. Varying degrees of finesse: that is, cultivations of olives with fruits of a delicate and fragrant aroma, a rich and graceful taste, sapid and harmonious, divided in: Frantoio olives, 80%, Leccino olives, 15%, Pendolino olives, 5%.
  3. Early harvesting: olives, as grapes for a white wine of class, must be mature but whole, with a crisp green pulp, gathered quickly and pressed within 2 days so as not to lose the agreeable delicacy of the fruit.
  4. Cold pressing: the olive paste must be pressed quickly and the temperature must not go above 24°C. The quicker the pressing, the less the oxidation.
  5. Conservation: the oil must be conserved in a cool environment, in the dark and with as little contact as possibile with the air; for this reason we use full stainless steel containers.

After two months from the pressing, the oil is separated from the solid deposit. In the following months it will be carefully bottled by us in dark glass bottles and hermetically sealed.

Enjoy your bruschette and magnificent salads! and also the incomparable taste our oil gives to mozzarella, tomatoes, grilled meat, etc, etc…!