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"Vigna Sassi" San Gimignano Vernaccia Riserva

Bottle label of Vigna Sassi Vernaccia di San Gimignano RiservaA Cru reserve obtained from the grapes of the oldest vineyard planted by me, in 1986. Vigna Sassi is a mix of 95% San Gimignano Vernaccia and 5% Chardonnay.

The Chardonnay grape is harvested at the end of August, pressed immediately and, after static decantation, left to ferment. After about three weeks the San Gimignano Vernaccia is harvested, separated, pressed, and left to ferment with the skins for a few hours. The musto, after cold decanted is then put into the steels vats together with the Chardonnay, at this point at the end of its fermentation. The musts re-ferment together, growing together as their grapes grew together in the same terroir. The wine, together with the fine sediment, stays for two years in the steel vats, then to be bottled; selling of the wine begins at 12 months from the bottling.